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Are You Paying too Much for Toner ?

Paying Retail for Maintenance Kits and Consumables ?

Laser printers and photocopiers serve as the heartbeat within countless businesses around the globe; and they ensure work-productivity remains seamless and optimized.  The lifeblood, within the buzz of constant printing and copying activity, is the toner – the unsung hero.


Practically speaking, toner is a consumable that makes up a large portion of monthly office expenses.  When average total-printing expenditures amount to 1-3% of business revenue, it becomes abundantly clear how crucially important proper print management truly is.  This is where Ecotech comes in.  When you purchase toner from Ecotech, you are entitled to the benefits of Ecotech’s Service for Toner program, which includes a minimum of 15% savings on toner expenses, across the board.  That, however, is only the beginning.  With the Service for Toner program, you will receive a variety of benefits that will, noticeably, cut your office expenses.


Ecotech’s Service for Toner Program


In a nutshell, the Service for Toner program entitles you to:

  • Save 15% over Staples’ OEM online price – we include service at no charge
  • Choose our Premium Compatible Toner Cartridges for additional savings
  • Receive labor service, at no cost
  • Take advantage of complimentary emergency maintenance
  • Keep it simple with no long-term contracts
  • Enjoy deeply-discounted rates on not only toner, but maintenance kits and consumable parts for ALL printing devices


Ecotech is Here for You


So, are you paying too much for toner?


After it is all said and done, Ecotech provides its Service for Toner program as part of a ‘toner strategy’ that is designed to foster expense management, via, minimized printer-related costs.  Whether you are an entrepreneur venturing out with a new business, an existing business owner, or part of a large enterprise, Ecotech is here for you with cost-containment assistance.  With more than 15 years of offering products and services in the office-solutions arena, hundreds of businesses in the Van Nuys area, and beyond, depend on Ecotech for their specialized needs.


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