Service  for Toner

Simply purchase your toner from us

and receive free service & maintenance.


Are You Paying too Much for Toner ?

Paying Retail for Maintenance Kits and Consumables ?

With Ecotech’s exclusive Service for Toner program you will spend 15% less than Staples’ OEM online price and we’ll include service at no additional cost!

Or you can choose our Premium Compatible Toner Cartridges and save even more!

Ecotech’s Service for Toner Program:

  • Purchase toners from Ecotech & receive FREE labor on routine and emergency machine maintenance
  • Our cost on toners will be at least 15% lower than you currently pay
  • Receive free labor service at no additional cost
  • Continued deeply discounted rates on maintenance kits and consumable parts for ALL printing devices
  • No long term contracts