Managed Print Services

is a robust, easy-to-use and entirely agnostic software solution capable of delivering the data you need to optimize printing assets.

Putting You In Control of Printing-Now!

Managed Print Solutions

is a robust, easy-to-use and entirely agnostic software solution capable of delivering the data you need to optimize printing assets.

Getting Started Couldn’t Be Simpler

Within minutes of a quick, easy installation, the Data Collection Agent (DCA) will begin to pull de-tailed information from networked output devices, including the vast majority of printers, copiers, faxes and multi-function peripherals in use today.

Powerful analytical tools then translate the raw data into useful reports accessible at any time via Web interface, including:

  • current status for all networked output devices
  • supply levels
  • page counts/meter reads
  • model descriptions
  • serial and asset numbers
  • printer locations
  • utilization and page coverage
  • cost/page tracking
  • automated service alerts
  • historical trend reports

Here’s What MPS Does for the key Players in your Company

For the CEO

MPS provides CEOs with the data they need to manage a printing fleet at peak efficiency – reducing the overall cost of imaging, improving efficiency and maximizing the value of capital expenditures.

For the CFO

CFOs are seeking true cost reduction solutions. MPS helps them identify current document output related costs,create printing economies and maximize the value of capital expenditures.

For the IT Manager

The IT Department prefers not to waste time on document output devices. For them, MPS takes over many mundane tasks such as supply ordering, maintenance scheduling and troubleshooting.

For the Purchasing Agent

MPS can automate toner orders! No more contacting every department to assess needs – or getting panic calls from departments that have run out of toner and need it yesterday!

Managed Print Solutions

  • 1 Reduces printing costs by up to 30%
  • 2 Optimizes device usage
  • 3 Maximizes uptime and reduces emergency repairs

Simple And Secure From Day 1

Downloading and installing MPS software requires less than 30 minutes, with the entire set-up handled by our technical support team with minimal demands on your IT staff.

The Data Collection Agent (DCA) runs as a Windows service, allowing 24/7 operation as well as a customizable transmission interval to determine the frequency of device discovery.

The DCA uses one-way communication. Only device data such as page counts and status are stored. No personal or user data is recorded.

Because the DCA does not collect, house or transmit any information regarding the content of print jobs, MPS has no impact on compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Do You Know. .

MPS provides you with data to answer critical questions that directly affect your bottom line:

  • How many printers, copiers and fax machines do you have?
  • Are they being used at or near capacity?
  • How often and for how long are they out of service?
  • How old are they?
  • What is the cost per page associated with each device?
  • What is the total cost of ownership associated with each device?

Knowing the answers to these questions gives you the power to extend the life of document output devices, optimize device placements, and increase uptime with a healthier fleet –all of which can contribute to cutting printing costs by up to 30%!

Do You Control Your Output Devices Do the Control You?

  • 1 U.S. corporations spend 1to3% of total annual revenue on printing
  • 2 The typical office worker spends $15,000/year in document output
  • 3 40% of all IT/help desk calls are output related
  • 4 Offices usually have 1 output device per 4 employees; the optimal ratio is 1:10
  • 5 Printing devices are, on average, in an error state 55% of the time